To our UVVC pets and their parents:

As we navigate together through the next weeks and beyond, the ever-changing situation of the fight against COVID-19 has caused us to re-evaluate how we must operate. We appreciate your loyalty and trust in caring for your pets’ needs, and want to assure you that we are here for you! Until further notice, we will continue to see appointments via curbside service only, and be available for refills of medications and pet food. However, in an effort to do our part to slow community spread of the novel Coronavirus, we have made the decision to close our building, including the lobby area, to the public. See the FAQ below for more information about how curbside service for your pets’ needs will work at UVVC. Your safety, the safety of our staff, and the wellbeing of your pets is at the forefront of our minds in making this decision. We appreciate your understanding and support!

How do I make an appointment? Book an appointment for your pet by calling us at 502.290.9440. You can also book online by visiting, and clicking the “Schedule an appointment” link in the upper right hand corner. If using a mobile device to access our website, click “Request An Appointment”, and then click “Book an appointment online here!”.

What happens when I arrive for my pet’s appointment? When you arrive, please remain in your car, and call us at 502.290.9440 to let us know you are here. One of our veterinary assistants will come to your car to gather some history (if inclement weather or any other factor does not allow our assistant to follow social distancing guidelines while taking a history, we will call you to get this information over the phone). The assistant will safely bring your pet into the building, and return your pet to you after the appointment. Please be available by phone throughout the appointment, so our assistants or doctors can call you with updates or questions, including cost estimates for recommended services. These appointments may take a bit longer than our traditional appointments, so if your schedule does not allow for this, please ask about the possibility of a drop off appointment instead. After your pet’s appointment, if it includes an examination, our doctors will email you a full summary of the visit, as usual.

What if I’m just picking up supplies? We are providing curbside service for food and medication pickup as well. Please call us at 502.290.9440 from your car, and one of our team members will bring everything to you. When picking up a refill, it’s always helpful to call ahead of time as well, so we have time to prepare the medication, therefore minimizing your wait time when you arrive. If you are self-isolating at home or are feeling unwell, please let us know, and we do our best to arrange delivery of food and/or medication using no-contact delivery methods, at no charge to you.

How do I pay? If you have one or more credit cards on file with us, please just confirm that you would like to use one of those cards. If you do not, we can take a manual credit card payment over the phone. Or, we can take cash or check payments when we bring your pet back out to the car.

What else are you doing to prevent transmission of COVID-19 at Urban Village Veterinary Care? We have always taken pride in maintaining a very clean facility, but we have stepped up our cleaning regimen even more in the recent weeks. The disinfectant we have always used to clean between patients and at the end of every business day is now used even more regularly. Counters, door handles, keyboards, and phones, are disinfected multiple times throughout the day. Our staff are washing hands thoroughly and using hand sanitizer at least hourly, and between patients.

What other precautions are you taking when handling my pet? All staff members handling your pet will be required to thoroughly wash their hands before coming to your car or handling your pet. At the end of the appointment, employees will again wash their hands thoroughly, pet carriers will be disinfected (including carrier handles and doors). Collars and leash handles will be wiped down as well. Upon request, we will use gloves when handling your pet, but will not routinely use them due a shortage of medical supplies that we feel will only worsen in the weeks to come.

What else do I need to know about COVID-19 as it relates to my pet? Please see this website for some helpful information, and additional links: